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Wonder Woman

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So this year seems to be all about the superhero when it comes to cinema. Logan was just released, Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok are coming later in the year, Justice League and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 are on the way as well, not to mention Scarlett Johansen in Ghost in the Shell (that costume . . . WHOA!). We are seeing some incredibly strong and fit bodies on screen.

This month I spoke to Cam Neeld, Fitness Team Trainer at Virgin Active Australia, about how to get on the road to that outta this world physique.

ALI: What’s the best place for an actor to start to create superhero strength and tone?

Cam Neeld: To achieve the muscular superhero Thor physique, Chris Hemsworth’s former Navy Seal trainer adopted an “Old School Bodybuilder” approach with careful attention to arms & shoulders.


• Military Press
• Arnold Press
• Barbell Shrugs
• Lateral Raises
• Front Raises
• Rear Delt Flyes


• Barbell Bicep Curls
• Skull Crushers
• EZ Preacher Curls
• DB Skull Crushers
• DB Hammer Curls
• BB Wrist Curls
• BB Wrist Rev Curls

A: Other than a possible weight difference, do we need to work differently for Thor compared to Wonder Woman?

CN: In contrast to the Old School Bodybuilding training style for Thor, Gal Gadot’s trainer adopted a different approach—a “full body blast” circuit-style workout 4 – 6 times per week, transforming her fashion model look to a lean and athletic superhero physique.


• Rower
• Bear Crawl
• Burpee Broad jump
• Crab Walk
• Pull ups
• Ring Push Ups


Copyright Marvel Comics

A: Nutrition is a massive part of re-sculpting a body. What would you advise aspiring superheroes to do with their diet?


• Eat slowly until satisfied
• Incorporate calorie/carb cycling.
• Follow meal plan with predetermined foods and amounts, and measure food specifically. Include exact amount of lean proteins, fibrous veggies, and healthy fats in each meal.
• Exercise 45-75 minutes, twice daily, with 6-7 sessions breaking a sweat.
• Sleep at least 8-9 hours per night.

A: I believe attitude is a major factor in being successful with anything. The dedication needed to achieve bodies such as Chris Hemsworth and Gal Gadot requires an pretty strong mind. What tips do you have to combat the blues and boredom that can come from a strict diet and intense training schedule?

CN: Mindset is everything. The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. Set lofty goals and never lose sight of the big picture. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Feed your mind with positive images, audio, and material from the moment you wake up in the morning. When you master your mindset, you free yourself to achieve the level of success you desire.

Check out the two workouts Cam designed for me, one for the boys and one for the ladies. Don’t forget to warm up first and stretch afterward. Adjust and modify where needed, and have fun!

You can follow Cam on Insta here

Until next time,

Ali xx



Alison McGirr QUT (BA Acting) is a lover of life, Activewear, and orange lipstick. Awarded the prestigious Jennifer Blocksidge Honour and Grant, she staged her first theatre production, The Interview, shortly after. Alison is part of The Heath Ledger Young Artist’s Oral History project being conducted by the National Film and Sound Archive. Having appeared in Home and Away as Molly Brenner, a move to Ireland saw her work on hit TV shows Penny Dreadful and Vikings. Once back in Sydney she trained with the Ausralian Institute of Fitness uniting her passion for fitness and acting.