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IMG_8883JayR is a young Aussie actor, with a unique edge. Originally from a small town in Queensland, moved to Sydney to pursue his career. After training at NIDA, JayR booked his first jobs with commercials, short films and guest appearances on popular Australian series. His first big role was in the controversial independent film ‘Drown’ . Drown went on to win numerous awards around the world.

JayR has recently returned from LA where he met with some of the industry’s biggest casting directors. He was then signed and recently wrapped on the 4th season of a critically acclaimed Aussie drama, which will be released early 2016. instagramtwitterimdb

Who would you like to have coffee with and why?coffee-with-casting

Wow, I think it would have to be Quentin Tarantino! I’m obsessed with everything he does and it has always been a dream of mine to work with him. Not only is he ‘one in a million’ when it comes to the movie world, but he also stays true to himself and is not shy of ruffling some feathers, which i’m all about! Also there would be a little vodka in that coffee, chances of him casting me in one of his films goes up?

What has been your biggest WOW moment?

There has actually been a few in the last couple of years, but definitely the biggest stand out would have to be when I was traveling in New York City and I decided to take a class with a few CD’s there. Afterwards, I was called in by one of the CD”s to audition for ‘Penny Dreadful’. I was beside myself and couldn’t believe that I was going to be considered for a role on one of America’s highest rating shows. It was a month of call backs and it got down to the last 3, however it wasn’t my time and missed out. Nevertheless it was an amazing time in my life and I was constantly pinching myself and grateful to even be seen for it.

One word to describe you.


Best advice you’ve been given?

“JayR, just breath and have fun, but don’t suck!”

What are you working on at the moment?

I recently wrapped filming on a popular Aussie series that is on the ABC network and Netflix. I play an exiting character that is apart of their 4th season, which will be out in the first half of next year. Other than that I’m just waiting for pilot season auditions.

How can we connect with you on social media?

Instagram: @jayrtinaco

Twitter: @jayrtinaco

IMDB: JayR Tinaco