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I have met a ton of wealthy people, and a ton of broke people around the world.  Over time, it becomes obvious that people lacking money imagine things wealthy people do are out of their reach.  This isn’t remotely true; the day-to-day behavior of the rich is something attainable by anyone on any budget… It’s generally very simple and very consistent, but it seems to be a healthier, happier way to live your life…

They Exercise

Outside of America, it’s rare to see a person who is quite wealthy who doesn’t look after their health.  You might picture personal trainers and expensive classes, but that’s rarely the case… and may be you concocting excuses as to why it’s easier for them and too hard for you.  The simple fact is most wealthy people are aware of the massive benefits a simple twenty minutes of yoga (often at home), jogging, or a gym session can have to kickstart your body, energy system, and mind throughout the day.

They Don’t Eat Chemicals

Most people with money feel their health is their most valued commodity, so they eat a ton of organic vegetables, fruit, and protein.  Packaged foods made of fake ingredients are more expensive, and yet are ironically eaten mostly by middle and lower income people.  Wealthy people in grocery stores will often stick to the outer aisles where the veggies, fruit, and fresh produce is.   It’s rare to see any pre-made store bought meals in their cupboard other than salads.  Even back in the days they were a bit short on cash, it was a lot of eggs, bananas, lentils, oats and veggies.

They Save Money

EVERY person I’ve met who has accumulated great wealth saves a portion of their income… no matter how much or how little they earn.  How can you accumulate money if you don’t hold onto it?  The rule of thumb is generally to live on 1/3, save 1/3 in low risk investments and appreciating assets, and invest 1/3 in higher risk, higher return, liquid investments.  I’ve asked, however, what they did in times when they were struggling to buy groceries or not earning consistent money… the answer was pretty consistent.  10%.  As soon as any money came in, they put away 10% of their income for investments no matter what, and didn’t touch it.  They let the money grow so it could call its friends round to earn more money for them.  It’s not about the ten dollars out of the hundred they earned each day, it’s about forming good savings habits. Savings are the only way to accumulate and maintain great wealth over time.

They Practice Their Faith with Gratitude

Whether it’s meditation, religion, meridian tapping, or some other spiritual practice, most wealthy people take a fifteen to twenty minute space every day that is dedicated to something greater than they are.  This offering of gratitude and acknowledgement of the things they have to be thankful for improves their vibration, ensuring they are energetically aligned to attract more great things to them.

They Don’t Use Chemicals

The silliest thing about all the expensive cleaning products, is most of them aren’t used by the wealthiest people.  They won’t allow harsh chemicals onto their skin or in their home.  Some have mentioned using dishwashing detergent on all surfaces. Others have concoctions of white vinegar or baking soda to clean things.  And for their bodies – only gentle cleansers with non-soapy bases will do.

They Help Others

People at the top know they wouldn’t have made it without a little help along the way.  For this reason, they (more than the middle men) will generally be open to helping those on their way up as much as they’re able.   Not only is it good karma, and smart business to invest in relationships, but it’s known that helping another gives as much pleasure to the person helping as to the one being helped.


By Kym Jackson

                                              Author Of: The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors



Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.44.49 amKym Jackson (Snitch, NCIS:LA) is an Australian actress and MENSA member who has been living and working in Hollywood since 2004.

She has played lead and supporting roles in over thirty feature films & TV shows. Her book ‘The Hollywood Survival Guide – For Aussie Actors’ is on sale in almost a hundred bookstores and is recommended reading in over forty acting schools Australia-wide, including NIDA and QUT.